Patriotic Spirits


I have a routine for every forever sticking never to be bended or shifted to any other date holidays. And on 15th August every year I have been waking up at 8:00 in the morning, freshen up, read the newspaper, watch the helicopters hovering aover the city from 8:45 to 9:00, host my little cute tricolour on the balcony, have some delightfully tasty breakfast and then watch movies, sometimes the war patriotic movies or some good romantic ones whichever’s up on the screen, have my lunch around 1:00 and then surf over the internet till late at night n between sticking with my dinner. A peaceful way to spend the peaceful national holiday. Last year and the year before that I had the added bonus of going shopping and that too with special independence day sales. Well some good days were those! Yes I have recently shifted to a new place and am totally and still trying my best to adjust and adapt to the not so letting to live in peace of the neighbourhood. And so about tomorrow I am totally not certain what will/shall happen. Would I get a moment of calmness solitude, or would I be overrun and outrun of my peaceful holiday mood by the total ever interfering and making-others-life-their-nonsense-business minders? Somebody wants me staying at some public flag hosting while somebody foreign totally lectures on total non related issues and somebody else wants me singing in a chorus, participating in a quiz or whatever their jungle law has not already accomplished. Am I supposed to be calling myself living in an independent country by following and doing things I don’t want to which in actuality is also a total breach from my regularity of the ritual I have built up over the last 24 years of my democratic illusionised life? Wouldn’t forcibly making me do such things be a disrespect and dishonour to the very spirit of the day? Hmmh. That certainly would. Decision taken. I am an independent minded very secular and still totally conservative of my rituals and in total full of respect for my country and would/should never do anything to go against the happy spirit of the day. I am the best person with the bestest of intentions at heart for myself and the country. Jai Hind.

[P.S. If I have to break any of these rituals I promise to go down with dignity. I shall scream, wail and nd make them go total mad till they drag me to the venue of wheresoever. I will definitely not go down without a fight.]


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