The Dolphin Story

Dolphin-Wallpaper-1080pIs there any of us who hates the dolphin? I guess none. We all love it, adore it. Some even go to the extent of having dreams of swimming with the dolphin. But what actually is it that takes us or actually attracts us towards this amphibian and sets it up high on a pedestal above all the other amphibians? Is it the streamlined body shape that attracts us? Well don’t all fishes have that same structure! Or is it the bulge of the trunk portion that actually makes us much closer to it? It can eat all it wants and never fear about the overwhelming tummy and the snide and sneering of the ever judging society. Have you wondered about a size zero dolphin? Imagine this.


Ok fine still adorable!

We all want to swim with the dolphins, shell a few dollars out even to do that but in society a bit bulky is like she eats like a pig perhaps. Duh!! Feed the pig on half its ration and it still will be as bulky as it always has been. Common sense or maybe genetics/ science or Gods creation, take a pick. But whichever it is dolphins are dear and pigs aren’t.

images (3)1Yes of course some people do keep pigs as pet but sure as hell come any feast more than half the world would love to roast it out and have it served drippy delicious on a platter. But have you ever been served a dolphin? Try even joking about it and God bless you if you didn’t get a call from the over anxious and totally protective wild life preservation society. A friend of mine argued that dolphins’ smooth soft skin along with its mild timid soft eyes are the reason of its high soaring popularity and attractiveness. Really? Well even dogs have that eyes and about the body structure don’t they share similarities with the sharks and whales! You wouldn’t ever go swimming with the sharks or would you? That would be Steven Spielberg Jaws–my version. That too aggressive in pointing out; fine eels have smooth silky skin, have fun or dream swimming with them. Not that pleasant eh! 

images (6)1

But whatever be it I myself don’t deny having a soft corner for the amphibian though. But whoa not swimming with them or even getting close to them, least even touching them with a single finger. My version–pets are animals and are always better kept at the zoo. You put them in your house, chain them and occasionally take them out for walks and that’s the exact same thing done at the zoo, isn’t? And better there at zoo as at least they have other animals to interact with and not just humans/creatures that walk on two feet and dress weirdly and make the pets do weird stuffs as fetching newspaper and balls along with added incentive of being judgmental about not littering around the house.

images (9)

Yes of course that does stir the heart and melt it and nobody says no to that obvious. But wait have you ever tried the tiger eyes maybe they too look the same before you get into the dark insides of its stomach! 

Coming back to the dolphin love I don’t hate the poor creature nor am I against them given a whimsically higher hierarchical domination in the human heart than whales and sharks but then rounding it up to just say that some animals are just good as in pictures or as showpieces or maybe as and when crafted in jewelry pieces. I fist grew this dolphin love when I set my eyes on a beautiful set of gold earrings bejeweled with two small diamonds on the eyes. If ever just one word could describe as that is “magnificent”. The saddest part to this love story being I was just a teenager and alas not with a financial security to get the pair into my ear lobes. This unsatisfied love grew till it was unbearable and insatiable onto finally one day when just a while back I found a little something which may be not much as compared to the teenage first great jewel love but something close enough and replaceable to that or maybe at least another dolphin jewel piece. 


First love is never forgotten but can always be replaced by a great love or so they say. I am in the process to healing and filling that void perhaps quite refreshingly at the moment. 

#Daily Prompt: Procrastination


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