A Lost Friend

Dear Best Friend, 

I don’t know why you left so suddenly. I still don’t know what went so wrong that we do not talk to each other anymore. I wish I could return to the moment and change it so that we no longer called ourselves not friends anymore. But then I also don’t remember when we became such best friends. I told you my darkest fears, my treasured secrets, opened up about all my weaknesses; you knew them all too well and you promised to keep me company through all of those. You promised to stand and stay beside me through thick and thin. But then if I knew your intentions, if only I knew you were just another fair weather person maybe I could have safeguarded my naive little heart. You left and you took a portion of that stupid heart with you. I call you up at times hoping and wondering if you would ever tell me you wished things would go back to as they were before, hoping just to hear that you miss me and our times together. I hope you would just waltz back into my life and stay there forever like the promises you made. And you know exactly how to be back too for I told you the way in. But if wishes were to come true maybe we would not have met and left in the first place. I hope you do not remember your way in, for I know you will come and stay and make a home and leave again. If only you would fight to stay, instead of fighting your way out!

I hope the new friend you make you do not call them your best friend until you know you are there to stay for a forever and not leave them high and dry when they need you the most only because they say or do things that do not tune up to your whims. I hope you do not feel the pain of leaving for it cuts deeper than that of any sword in the world. I hope you do not go through what I went through to forget all that was said in all merry times. I hope it has been easier for you to walk out rather than stay. 

PS: In memory of someone once considered as the dearest and bestest. Friends argue, friends disagree, friends fight; but friends do not leave!


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