The Picture

I peeked into your picture today,
A once which I said was not enough;
Even that half an eye seemed more than filling
For what the lonely long nights beheld;
There was nothing more to it,
Than perhaps just the side of a handsome face,
But today thus I suffice
And, or for all the times to come.

As I glanced through that picture,
Memories raced back, eyes flooded;
And the only thought that seemed to hold strength
Through the truffle of emotions was,
‘Whose are you going to be?
Rather than who are you going to hold onto!’
Strange, for all I ever dreamed was for an ‘us’
And never a person more.

I see a change in my thoughts,
Or perhaps just a coping mechanism;
To the harsh reality of unalterable truth!
Am I getting selfless about you?
The helpless heart still feels heavy,
With just your thoughts oozing out;
Never a dime against what we never wished for together;
Thy gods are my witness to it all!

But tonight nothing mattered momentarily,
Than that pang of jealousy for the lucky one;
To touch that curled up hair, to hold those standout ears,
To caress that crooked smile, to kiss that evil smirk,
To peek into that innocent eyes;
As you laid back carefree in yonder loving arms.
But if dreams were ever to come true;
You would be mine and I would yours forever through!

P.S. In a trance. From a friend. For a friend. Nothing more. Nothing less.