To earn as much as they can possibly

There are three things in life we do alone–we are born, we die and if we are in our mid twenties or approaching it and not happy with your present job and are looking for a better job headed for the best in life we appear for the IIMs/IITs and PSUs as we call them, and take the C.A.T./G.A.T.E. And while such exams are supposed to measure the best traits and knowledge gathered during our bachelor degrees, preparing for these inevitably brings out the worst. Whatever/ whichever we decide to go with is totally irrelevant as long as the end result is the same–high paying job, high street shopping, fine dining and good status. Whosoever did say money doesn’t bring happiness didn’t know where and how to throw it all.

♪♪ We live in a greedy little world

       that teaches every little boy and girl
       To earn as much as they can possibly
       then turn around and spend it foolishly
       We’ve created us a credit card mess
       We pend the money that we don’t possess
       Our religion is to go and throw it all
       So it’s shopping every Sunday at the mall
       All we ever want is more
       A lot more than we had before
       So take me to the nearest store
       Can you hear it ring
       It makes you wanna sing
       It’s such a beautiful thing–Ka-Ching!
       Lots of diamond rings
       The happiness it brings
       You’ll live like a king
With lots of money and things ♪♪

–Ka Ching! Shania Twain

#Daily Prompt